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Summer 2017

Summer IRELI 102LoweWorld Religions3:15-5:50MTRCarolina Hall 104
MaymesterRELI 140BayneReligion in America11:30-2:45MTWRFCarolina Hall 104
MaymesterRELI 246ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons, and the Occult in the Americas1:15-4:30MTWRFMurphy 105
Summer IRELI 162MarienbergCatholicism TodayOnline
Summer IRELI 201LambertAncient Biblical InterpretationOnline
Summer IIReli 283LeveThe Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, and TibetOnline

Spring 2017

RELI 073H (FYS)AmbrosFrom Dragons to Pokemon: Animals in Japanese Myth, Folklore, and Religion3:30-4:45Tu ThGraham Memorial 210
RELI 088 (FYS)MarienbergReligion & Society in Novels11:00-12:15Tu ThGenome Sciences Bldg 1373
RELI 104EhrmanIntroduction to New Testament Literature1:25-2:15Mo We (+recit)Manning 209
RELI 109LamHistory and Culture of Ancient Israel 12:20-1:10Mo We (+recit)Howell 115
RELI 135SchoreyTechnology, the Self, and Ethical Problems3:35-4:50Mo WeDey 204
RELI 138StyersReligious Freedom12:20-1:10Mo We (+recit)Hanes Art Center 121 (296)
RELI 143ArielJudaism in Our Time9:30-10:45Tu ThPhillips 265
RELI 151BayneReligion in Latin America9:05-9:55Mo We (+recit)Phillips 265
RELI 165D'SilvaMysticism9:30-10:45Tu ThDey 204
RELI 183 (ASIA 183)KamathAsian Religions10:10-11:00Mo We (+recit)FedEx Global Education 1005
RELI 185HHammerWomen/Gender/Islam11:00-12:15Tu ThCarolina 104
RELI 205HLamSacrifice in the Ancient World12:30-1:45Tu ThMurphey 105
RELI 207MendezJesus in Myth, Tradition, and History, 30-200 CE12:30-1:45Tu ThDey 202
RELI 217PleseGnosticism3:30-4:45Tu ThCaldwell 105
RELI 224HCooperModern Jewish Thought2:00-3:15Tu ThAlumni 203
RELI 226CooperHuman Animals in Religion and Ethics11:00-12:15Tu ThMurphey 105
RELI 266BoonMedieval and Renaissance Christian Cultures1:25-2:15Mo We (+recit)Genome Sciences Bldg G010
RELI 287 (ASIA 302)Smith, T.Modern Japanese Religions3:35-4:50Mo WeMurphey 105
RELI 288 (ASIA 303)AmbrosChinese Religions9:30-10:45Tu ThCarolina 104
RELI 385MerrimanModern Muslims and the Qur’an3:35-4:50Mo WeDey 203
RELI 421SchradleReligion & Science12:30-1:45Tu ThDey 208
RELI 424 (WMST 424)KamathGender Theory and the Study of Religion12:30-1:45Tu ThCarolina 104
RELI 542HArielReligion and the Counterculture2:00-3:15Tu ThCarolina 104
RELI 566MarienbergIslamic and Jewish Legal Literature3:30-6:20ThPhillips 328
RELI 580HammerAfrican American Islam 2:00-3:15Tu ThMurphey 105
RELI 617PleseDeath and Afterlife in the Ancient World12:30-1:45Tu ThDey 301
RELI 688 (FOLK 688, ANTH 688)LeveObservation and Interpretation of Religious Action3:30-6:20TuMurphey 222
RELI 697OchoaCapstone: Undergraduate Seminar3:30-6:20TuMurphey 105
RELI 724LeveEthnographic Research Methods 6:00-8:50WeDey 405/Carolina 124
RELI 808EhrmanApostolic Fathers9:00-11:50MonMurphey 222
RELI 821BoonSeminar in Religion and Culture: Body, Materiality, History3:30-6:20TuNew West 103
RELI 842BayneReligion and Cultural Contact in America12:30-3:20TuStone Center 200

Fall 2016

RELI 065Zlatko Plese First-Year Seminar: Myth, Philosophy, and Science in the Ancient World 2:00 - 3:15TRGraham Memorial - Rm 0213
RELI 070Bart EhrmanFirst-Year Seminar: Jesus in Scholarship and Film12:30 - 3:20TMurphey - Rm 0104
RELI 103 David LambertIntroduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature1:25 - 2:15MWGlobal Center - Rm 1015
RELI 104 Shaily PatelIntroduction to New Testament Literature 7:30 - 8:45TRMurphey - Rm 0112
RELI 108Evyatar MarienbergClassic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and Hassidism11:00 - 12:15
TRMurphey - Rm 0105
RELI 121Todd OchoaIntroduction to Religion and Culture 12:20 - 1:20MWCarroll - Rm 0111
RELI 122StaffIntroduction to Philosophical Approaches to Religion
RELI 123Andrea CooperIntroduction to Jewish Studies 12:20 - 1:10MWGlobal Center - Rm 1015
RELI 126Michaela TillerPhilosophy of Western Religion 8:00 - 9:15TRCaldwell - Rm 0103
RELI 126HRyan PrestonPhilosophy of Western Religion 11:00 - 12:15TRCaldwell - Rm 0103
RELI 140Yaakov ArielReligion in America 11:00 - 12:15TRStone Center - Rm 0103
RELI 161Travis Proctor Introduction to the History of Christian Traditions
RELI 162Evyatar MarienbergCatholicism Today: An Introduction to the Contemporary Catholic Church2:00 - 3:15TRMurphey - Rm 0105
RELI 180 Carl ErnstIntroduction to Islamic Civilization 1:25 - 2:15MWHanes Hall - Rm 0120
RELI 183Candace MixonAsian Religions
RELI 207StaffJesus in Myth, Tradition, and History 30-200 CE
RELI 209Zlatko PleseVarieties of Early Christianity1:25 - 2:15MWHanes Art Center - Rm 0121
RELI 212Joseph LamClassical Hebrew II: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible9:30 - 10:45TRCarolina Hall - Rm 0104
RELI 236StaffReligious Things
RELI 246Brendan ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons, and the Occult in the Americas11:15 - 12:05MWGlobal Center - Rm 1015
RELI 248HJuliane HammerIntroduction to American Islam 12:30 - 1:45TRCarolina Hall - Rm 0104
RELI 283StaffThe Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, and Tibet 12:20- 1:10MWHowell - Rm 0104
RELI 426HAndrea CooperThe Sacrifice of Abraham 3:35 - 6:25MMurphey - Rm 0105
RELI 427Brendan ThorntonSpirit Possession 3:30 - 6:20TCarolina Hall - Rm 0104
RELI 441 Brandon BayneReligion in Early America2:00 - 3:15TRCarolina Hall - Rm 0104
RELI 448Brandon Bayne Native and Christian: Indigenous Engagements with Christianity11:00 - 12:15TRHanes Art Center - Rm 0215
RELI 502Joseph LamMyths and Epics of the Ancient Near East 3:30 - 4:45TRMurphey - Rm 0105
RELI 582 Carl ErnstIslam and Islamic Art in South Asia 2:30 - 5:20MHanes Hall - Rm 0107
RELI 697Yaakov ArielCapstone: Undergraduate Seminar 6:00 - 8:50WMurphey - Rm 0105
RELI 700Randall StyersTheory and Method in the Study of Religion 2:00 - 4:50MDey Hall - Rm 0207
RELI 707 StaffEarly Christian History and Literature
RELI 707Bart EhrmanChristianizing the Roman Empire 2:30 - 5:20M
RELI 712David LambertEarly Jewish History and Literature6:00 - 8:50TMurphey - Rm 0220
RELI 724Lauren LeveEthnographic Research Methods: Ethnography of Religion and Religious Formations6:00 - 8:50
MGlobal Center - Rm 1005
RELI 745 Todd OchoaReligion in Postcolonial Americas 9:30 - 12:20TStone Center - Rm 0201
RELI 780Juliane HammerApproaches to Islamic Studies5:30 - 8:20
WGlobal Center - Rm 1005
RELI 785StaffCritical Genealogies of Middle East Studies
RELI 890StaffTopics in the Study of Religion
RELI 993 StaffMaster's Research and Thesis
RELI 994StaffDoctoral Research and Dissertation

Summer 2016

Summer IReli 161Introduction to the History of Christian Traditions Yaakov Ariel9:45 - 11:15MTWRFCarolina Hall - Rm 0104
Summer IRELI 225Christian Cultures Leonard Lowe3:00 - 5:00MTWRCarolina Hall - Rm 0104
MaymesterReli 246 Supernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons, and the Occult in the AmericasBrendan Thornton1:15 - 4:30MTWRFGreenlaw - Rm 0103
Summer IIReli 104Introduction to New Testament Literature Travis Proctor3:00 - 5:00MTWRCarolina Hall - Rm 0204
Summer IIReli 140Religion in America Brandon Bayne3:15PM - 5:50PMMTRCarolina Hall - Rm 0104
Summer IIReli 283 The Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, and Tibet Lauren LeveOnline
Summer IReli 122 Introduction to Philosophical Approaches to Religion Matthew Dougherty
Summer IReli 162Catholicism Today: An Introduction to the Contemporary Catholic Church Evyatar MarienbergOnline
Summer I Reli 180Introduction to Islamic Civilization Matthew Lynch
Summer IReli 183Asian ReligionsCandace Mixon
Summer IRELI 201Ancient Biblical Interpretation David Lambert
Summer IRELI 207Jesus in Myth, Tradition, and History 30-200 CE Shaily Patel