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Spring 2015

Course #
RELI 064ErnstRe-Introducing Islam
RELI 104EhrmanIntroduction to New Testament Literature
RELI 108 (r) MarienbergClassis Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and Hassidism
RELI 110 (x)MagnessNew Testament Archaeology
RELI 117LamCulture of the Ancient Near East
RELI 121 (r) OchoaIntroduction of Religion and Culture
RELI 122CooperIntroduction to Philosophical Approaches
RELI 140 (r) BayneReligion in America
RELI 161PatelHistory of the Christian Tradition
RELI 165HBoonIntroduction to Mysticism
RELI 181 (r, x)HammerLater Islamic Civilization and Modern Muslim Cultures
RELI 201LambertAncient Biblical Interpretation
RELI 212LamClassical Hebrew II: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
RELI 217 (r) PleseGnosticism
RELI 225ThorntonChristian Cultures
RELI 236OchoaReligious Things
RELI 244 HStyersGender and Sexuality in Western Christianity
RELI 246ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombie, Vampires, Demons and the Occult
RELI 248KnightIntroduction to American Islam
RELI 266 (r)BoonMedieval and Renaissance Christian Cultures
RELI 287 (x)AmbrosModern Japanese Religions
RELI 289LynchMuhammad and the Qur’an
RELI 390GaskillStudies in American Religion: Religion and Civil Rights
RELI 421KesslerReligion and Culture
RELI 428OrrReligion and Anthropology
RELI 444 (x)CooperGender and Sexuality in Contemporary Judaism
RELI 485HammerMarriage and Sexuality in Islam
RELI 512 (1, x, q)MagnessAncient Synagogues
RELI 541 HArielGlobal Evangelicalism
RELI 542ArielReligion and the Counterculture
RELI 662MarienbergAdvanced Seminar in Contemporary Catholicism
RELI 697LambertCapstone: Undergraduate Seminar
RELI 818 (s)PleseGnostic Scriptures
RELI 885 (s)AmbrosThe Study of Asian Religions and the Construction of the Field
RELI 900 (s)StaffReadings & Research in Religion
RELI 990 (s)StaffPrep for Prelims
RELI 993 (s)StaffMaster’s Thesis
RELI 994 (s)StaffDoctoral Dissertation
CCO Courses:
RELI 103ProctorIntroduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (JWST 103)
RELI 122AghapourIntroduction to Philosophical Approaches to Religion
RELI 180LynchIntroduction to Islamic Civilization (ASIA 180)

Fall 2014

Course #
Reli 063 (FYS)MagnessArchaeology of Qumran5:00-6:15MWSA 104
Reli 070 (FYS)EhrmanJesus in Scholarship & Film9:00-11:50MWI 217
Reli 073 (H) (FYS)AmbrosFrom Dragons & Foxes to Godzilla & Pokemon: Animals in Japanese Myth, Folklore & Religion3:30-4:45TRSA 104
Reli 103 (r, x) LambertIntroduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (601-612) 2:00-2:50MWGC 1015
Reli 106 (r, x)MagnessIntroduction to Early Judaism (601-612)1:00-1:50MWGS G100
Reli 123 (x)CooperIntroduction to Jewish Studies 9:30-10:45TRHN 112
Reli 138 (r)StyersReligious Freedom (601-609)12:00-12:50MWGS G100
Reli 141 (H)ThorntonAfrican American Religions11:00-12:15TRMU 105
Reli 162MarienbergIntroduction to Contemporary Catholicism10:00-12:50RGC 1009
Reli 180 (r, x)ErnstIntroduction to Islamic Civilization (601-609)11:00-11:50MWGC 1015
Reli 209 (r)PleseVarieties of Early Christianity12:00-12:50MWGA 105
Reli 211LamClassical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible9:00-9:50MWFSA 104
Reli 283 (x)LeveBuddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, Tibet (601-609)12:00-12:50MWGC 1015
Reli 286 (x)AmbrosPre-Med Japanese Religions11:00-12:15TRSA 104
Reli 345OchoaBlack Atlantic Religions3:30-4:45TRGC 3024
Reli 362 (H)BoonMary in the Christian Tradition 12:30-1:45TRMU 105
Reli 413 PleseBiblical Coptic and Early Egyptian Monasticism2:00-3:15TRGC 3033
Reli 450 MarienbergSexuality and Marriage in Jewish Tradition and History4:00-6:50RMU 105
Reli 454 (x)BoonThe Reformation 5:00-6:15TRSA 104
Reli 582 (x)ErnstIslam and Islamic Art in South Asia2:00-4:50MGC 3024
Reli 583 (x)StaffReligion and Culture in Iran, 1500-Present3:30-4:45MWSA 104
Reli 603LambertThe Bible and its Translation6:00-8:50TMU 105
Reli 688 (x)LeveObservation and Interpretation of Religious Action5:00-7:50MGC 3024
Reli 697ThorntonUG Capstone: Theories of Religions2:00-3:15TRMY G205
Reli 700 (1 for UG)OchoaPro-Seminar in Religious Studies:9:30-12:10TGC 3033
Reli 780 (1 for UG)HammerMethods in Islamic Studies (Gateway)5:30-8:20WMU 112
Reli 808 (1 for UG) EhrmanApostolic Fathers2:00-4:50MMU 117
Reli 900 (s)StaffReadings & Research in Religion
Reli 990 (s)StaffPrep for Prelims
Reli 993 (s)StaffMaster’s Thesis
Reli 994 (s)StaffDoctoral Dissertation

Spring 2014

Course #
Reli 064HammerFYS: Reintroducing Islam11:00-12:15TRSA 104
Reli 089LambertFYS: Reading the Bible2:00-3:15TRSA 104
Reli 104 (r) EhrmanIntroduction to New Testament Literature (601-612) - Patel, Buckner, Coussens, Schradle 1:00-1:50MWHM 100
Reli 110 (x)MagnessThe Archaeology of Palestine in the New Testament Period - Erickson, Smith11:00-12:15TRMU 116
Reli 117LamCulture of the Ancient Near East1:00-1:50MWFSA 104
Reli 121AghapourIntroduction to Religion & Culture12:30-1:45TRMU 105
Reli 140 (r)OchoaReligion in America (601-612) - Dougherty, Richards, Schorey, Kessler10:00-10:50MWGC 1015
Reli 151 BayneReligion in Latin America (601-603) – Lowe11:00-11:50MWPH 332
Reli 163OrrCritical Issues in Western Religious Thought11:00-12:15TRMU 105
Reli 165 (H)BoonMysticism5:00-6:15MWMU 105
Reli 181 (x)SafiLater Islamic Civilization and Modern Muslim Cultures - Merriman, Knight9:30-10:45TRGC 1015
Reli 212LamClassical Hebrew II: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible10:00-10:50MWFSA 104
Reli 225ThorntonChristian Cultures3:30-4:45TRMU 105
Reli 236LynchReligious Things3:30-4:45MWDE 307
Reli 285 (r, x)LeveThe Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka (601-603) - Mixon11:00-11:50MWGC 1005
Reli 322ThorntonTheories of Religion9:30-10:45TRMU 105
Reli 342 (x)GaskillAfrican American Religious Experience3:30-4:45MWDE 209
Reli 345OchoaBlack Atlantic Religions2:00-3:15TRMU 105
Reli 443HArielEvangelicalism in Contemporary America9:30-10:45TRSA 104
Reli 480HothamModern Muslim Literatures 3:30-4:45MWGC 1005
Reli 540ThayneMormonism and the American Experience3:30-4:45MWSM 107
Reli 581HammerSufism2:00-3:15TRDE 403
Reli 590-048ArielTopics in the Study of Religion: The Anglican Tradition12:30-1:45TRSA 104
Reli 602 (x)LambertWhat is Scripture: Formations of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Canon3:30-6:20TBI 101
Reli 665BoonBody and Suffering in Christian Mysticism1:00-3:50MMU 105
Reli 697LeveCapstone: Undergraduate Seminar2:00-4:50TDE 306
Reli 707EhrmanEarly Christian History and Literature (Gateway)9:00-11:50MMU 117
Reli 720OchoaCritical Lineages in Religion & Culture (Gateway)9:30-12:20THM 523
Reli 812 (x)MagnessDiaspora Judaism2:00-4:50TDE 205
Reli 842BayneReligion and Cultural Contact in America2:00-4:50TMU 117
Reli 881 (new)SafiIslamic Thought6:00-8:50WGC 3033
Reli 900 (s)StaffReadings & Research in Religion
Reli 990 (s)StaffPrep for Prelims
Reli 993 (s)StaffMaster’s Thesis
Reli 994 (s)StaffDoctoral Dissertation
PT: Reli 103CombsIntroduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (JWST 103)
CCO: Reli 121AghapourIntroduction to Religion and Culture
CCO: Reli 122NieuwsmaPhilosophical Approaches to Religion
CCO: Reli 161TornquistHistory of Christian Traditions
CCO: Reli 183AslanAsian Religions