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Spring 2015

Course #
Gen Eds
RELI 064ErnstRe-Introducing IslamPH, BN, GLTR12:30-1:45
RELI 077BayneMartyrs and WarriorsPHTR11:00-12:15
RELI 104EhrmanIntroduction to New Testament LiteratureHS, NA, WBMW1:25-2:15
RELI 108 MarienbergClassis Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and HassidismWBMW11:15-12:05
RELI 109LamHistory and Culture of Ancient IsraelHS, BN, WBMWF1:25-2:15
RELI 110 MagnessNew Testament ArchaeologyHS, BN, WBTR2:00-3:15
RELI 117LamCulture of the Ancient Near EastBN, WBMWF1:25-2:15
RELI 121 OchoaIntro of Religion and CultureSSMW12:20-1:10
RELI 122CooperIntroduction to Philosophical ApproachesPHTR9:30-10:45
RELI 140 BayneReligion in America HS, US, NAMW10:10-11:00
RELI 161PatelHistory of the Christian TraditionHS, WBTR9:30-10:45
RELI 165HBoonIntroduction to MysticismHS, WBMW5:00-6:15
RELI 181 HammerLater Islamic Civilization and Modern Muslim CulturesHS, BNMW12:20-1:10
RELI 212LamClassical Hebrew II: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew BibleBN, LAMWF9:05-9:55
RELI 217 PleseGnosticismHS, WBTR12:30-1:45
RELI 225ThorntonChristian CulturesSS, GLTR2:00-3:15
RELI 236OchoaReligious ThingsVP, NAT5:00-7:50
RELI 244 HStyersGender and Sexuality in Western ChristianityHSTR11:00-12:15
RELI 246ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombie, Vampires, Demons and the OccultSSTR11:00-12:15
RELI 248KnightIntroduction to American IslamUSTR12:30-1:45
RELI 266 BoonMedieval and Renaissance Christian CulturesMW1:25-2:15
RELI 287AmbrosModern Japanese Religions BNTR9:30-10:45
RELI 289LynchMuhammad and the Qur’anHS, BNTR12:30-1:45
RELI 390GaskillTopics in the Study of Religion: Religion and Civil RightsMW5:00-6:15
RELI 421KesslerReligion and CulturePHTR9:30-10:45
RELI 428OrrReligion and AnthropologySSTR11:00-12:15
RELI 444 CooperGender and Sexuality in Contemporary JudaismCI, NATR2:00-3:15
RELI 485HammerMarriage and Sexuality in IslamCI, BNM3:35-6:25
RELI 512 MagnessAncient SynagoguesVP, BN, WBTR11:00-12:15
RELI 541 HArielGlobal EvangelicalismGLTR12:30-1:45
RELI 542ArielReligion and the CountercultureUSW6:00-8:50
RELI 607PleseProblems in Early Christian Literature and HistoryNA, WBTR2:00-3:15
RELI 662MarienbergAdvanced Seminar in Contemporary CatholicismHS, NAM4:40-7:30
RELI 697LambertCapstone: Undergraduate SeminarCIW6:00-8:50
CCO: RELI 103ProctorIntroduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (JWST 103)Online Course
CCO: RELI 122AghapourIntroduction to Philosophical Approaches to ReligionOnline Course
CCO: RELI 180LynchIntroduction to Islamic Civilization Online Course

Fall 2014

Course #
Reli 063 (FYS)MagnessArchaeology of Qumran5:00-6:15MWSA 104
Reli 070 (FYS)EhrmanJesus in Scholarship & Film9:00-11:50MWI 217
Reli 073 (H) (FYS)AmbrosFrom Dragons & Foxes to Godzilla & Pokemon: Animals in Japanese Myth, Folklore & Religion3:30-4:45TRSA 104
Reli 103 (r, x) LambertIntroduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (601-612) 2:00-2:50MWGC 1015
Reli 106 (r, x)MagnessIntroduction to Early Judaism (601-612)1:00-1:50MWGS G100
Reli 123 (x)CooperIntroduction to Jewish Studies 9:30-10:45TRHN 112
Reli 138 (r)StyersReligious Freedom (601-609)12:00-12:50MWGS G100
Reli 141 (H)ThorntonAfrican American Religions11:00-12:15TRMU 105
Reli 162MarienbergIntroduction to Contemporary Catholicism10:00-12:50RGC 1009
Reli 180 (r, x)ErnstIntroduction to Islamic Civilization (601-609)11:00-11:50MWGC 1015
Reli 209 (r)PleseVarieties of Early Christianity12:00-12:50MWGA 105
Reli 211LamClassical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible9:00-9:50MWFSA 104
Reli 283 (x)LeveBuddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, Tibet (601-609)12:00-12:50MWGC 1015
Reli 286 (x)AmbrosPre-Med Japanese Religions11:00-12:15TRSA 104
Reli 345OchoaBlack Atlantic Religions3:30-4:45TRGC 3024
Reli 362 (H)BoonMary in the Christian Tradition 12:30-1:45TRMU 105
Reli 413 PleseBiblical Coptic and Early Egyptian Monasticism2:00-3:15TRGC 3033
Reli 450 MarienbergSexuality and Marriage in Jewish Tradition and History4:00-6:50RMU 105
Reli 454 (x)BoonThe Reformation 5:00-6:15TRSA 104
Reli 582 (x)ErnstIslam and Islamic Art in South Asia2:00-4:50MGC 3024
Reli 583 (x)StaffReligion and Culture in Iran, 1500-Present3:30-4:45MWSA 104
Reli 603LambertThe Bible and its Translation6:00-8:50TMU 105
Reli 688 (x)LeveObservation and Interpretation of Religious Action5:00-7:50MGC 3024
Reli 697ThorntonUG Capstone: Theories of Religions2:00-3:15TRMY G205
Reli 700 (1 for UG)OchoaPro-Seminar in Religious Studies:9:30-12:10TGC 3033
Reli 780 (1 for UG)HammerMethods in Islamic Studies (Gateway)5:30-8:20WMU 112
Reli 808 (1 for UG) EhrmanApostolic Fathers2:00-4:50MMU 117
Reli 900 (s)StaffReadings & Research in Religion
Reli 990 (s)StaffPrep for Prelims
Reli 993 (s)StaffMaster’s Thesis
Reli 994 (s)StaffDoctoral Dissertation

Spring 2014

Course #
Reli 064HammerFYS: Reintroducing Islam11:00-12:15TRSA 104
Reli 089LambertFYS: Reading the Bible2:00-3:15TRSA 104
Reli 104 (r) EhrmanIntroduction to New Testament Literature (601-612) - Patel, Buckner, Coussens, Schradle 1:00-1:50MWHM 100
Reli 110 (x)MagnessThe Archaeology of Palestine in the New Testament Period - Erickson, Smith11:00-12:15TRMU 116
Reli 117LamCulture of the Ancient Near East1:00-1:50MWFSA 104
Reli 121AghapourIntroduction to Religion & Culture12:30-1:45TRMU 105
Reli 140 (r)OchoaReligion in America (601-612) - Dougherty, Richards, Schorey, Kessler10:00-10:50MWGC 1015
Reli 151 BayneReligion in Latin America (601-603) – Lowe11:00-11:50MWPH 332
Reli 163OrrCritical Issues in Western Religious Thought11:00-12:15TRMU 105
Reli 165 (H)BoonMysticism5:00-6:15MWMU 105
Reli 181 (x)SafiLater Islamic Civilization and Modern Muslim Cultures - Merriman, Knight9:30-10:45TRGC 1015
Reli 212LamClassical Hebrew II: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible10:00-10:50MWFSA 104
Reli 225ThorntonChristian Cultures3:30-4:45TRMU 105
Reli 236LynchReligious Things3:30-4:45MWDE 307
Reli 285 (r, x)LeveThe Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka (601-603) - Mixon11:00-11:50MWGC 1005
Reli 322ThorntonTheories of Religion9:30-10:45TRMU 105
Reli 342 (x)GaskillAfrican American Religious Experience3:30-4:45MWDE 209
Reli 345OchoaBlack Atlantic Religions2:00-3:15TRMU 105
Reli 443HArielEvangelicalism in Contemporary America9:30-10:45TRSA 104
Reli 480HothamModern Muslim Literatures 3:30-4:45MWGC 1005
Reli 540ThayneMormonism and the American Experience3:30-4:45MWSM 107
Reli 581HammerSufism2:00-3:15TRDE 403
Reli 590-048ArielTopics in the Study of Religion: The Anglican Tradition12:30-1:45TRSA 104
Reli 602 (x)LambertWhat is Scripture: Formations of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Canon3:30-6:20TBI 101
Reli 665BoonBody and Suffering in Christian Mysticism1:00-3:50MMU 105
Reli 697LeveCapstone: Undergraduate Seminar2:00-4:50TDE 306
Reli 707EhrmanEarly Christian History and Literature (Gateway)9:00-11:50MMU 117
Reli 720OchoaCritical Lineages in Religion & Culture (Gateway)9:30-12:20THM 523
Reli 812 (x)MagnessDiaspora Judaism2:00-4:50TDE 205
Reli 842BayneReligion and Cultural Contact in America2:00-4:50TMU 117
Reli 881 (new)SafiIslamic Thought6:00-8:50WGC 3033
Reli 900 (s)StaffReadings & Research in Religion
Reli 990 (s)StaffPrep for Prelims
Reli 993 (s)StaffMaster’s Thesis
Reli 994 (s)StaffDoctoral Dissertation
PT: Reli 103CombsIntroduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (JWST 103)
CCO: Reli 121AghapourIntroduction to Religion and Culture
CCO: Reli 122NieuwsmaPhilosophical Approaches to Religion
CCO: Reli 161TornquistHistory of Christian Traditions
CCO: Reli 183AslanAsian Religions

Fall 2013

Course #
Crosslisted w/
Reli 063 (FYS)MagnessThe Archaeology of Qumran & the Dead Sea Scrolls5:00-6:15MWSA 104
Reli 070 (FYS)EhrmanJesus in Scholarship & Film9:00-11:50MSA 104
Reli 106 (r, x) MagnessIntroduction to Early Judaism (601-615)JWST 106 (40)1:00-1:50MWAR 121
Reli 108MarienbergClassic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and Hassidism3:30-4:45TRCW 105
Reli 117LamCulture of the Ancient Near East1:00-1:50MWFGS 1374
Reli 121 (r) OchoaIntroduction to Religion and Culture ( 601-609)10:00-10:50MWMA 209
Reli 123 ( x) ArielIntroduction to Jewish StudiesJWST 100 (15)11:00-12:15TRDA 112
Reli 125 (r) StyersHeaven & Hell ( 601-606)12:00-12:50MWMU 116
Reli 141 H ThorntonAfrican American Religions12:30-1:45TRWI 217
Reli 180 (r)ErnstIntroduction to Islamic CivilizationASIA 180 (30)11:00-11:50MWCP 201
Reli 185 H HammerWomen/Gender/Islam2:00-3:15TRMU 105
Reli 209 (r)PleseVarieties of Early Christianity ( 601-603)12:00-12:50MWGA 105
Reli 211-001LamClassical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible10:00-10:50MWFGA 307
Reli 211-002LamClassical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible2:00-2:50MWFGL 318
Reli 282 (x) HSafiMartin Luther King & the Prophetic Tradition9:30-10:45TRGC 3024
Reli 283 (x)LeveThe Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, and Tibet (601-603)ASIA 300 (9)11:00-11:50MWGC 1005
Reli 362 (r) BoonMary in the Christian Tradition (601-603)2:00-2:50MWPH 265
Reli 441 HBayneHistory of Religion in America to 1865 11:00-12:15TRGS 1373
Reli 450MarienbergSexuality & Marriage in Jewish Tradition & History10:00-12:50WVN G311
Reli 454BayneThe Reformation HIST 454 (4)3:30-4:45TRFH 104
Reli 582 (x)ErnstIslam and Islamic Art in South AsiaASIA 582 (4)2:00-4:50MGC 3024
Reli 583 (x)SafiReligion & Culture in Iran, 1500-Present ASIA 583 (5)11:00-12:15TRMU 105
Reli 607 PleseProblems in Early Christian Literature & History: Gnosticism12:30-1:45TRSA 104
Reli 668 (NEW)BoonSpanish Religions: Peninsular Convivencia and Colonial Encounter 2:00-4:50RMT 205
RELI 697/JWST 697 ArielUG Capstone: Christian-Jewish RelationsJWST 697 (10)6:00-8:50TSA 104
Reli 700 (1, s)OchoaPro-Seminar in Religious Studies: Theory & Methods in Religious Studies9:30-12:20TDE 205
Reli 801 (s)EhrmanSeminar in Biblical Studies: The Early Christian Apocrypha2:00-4:50MDE 207
Reli 821-052 (s)StyersSeminar in Religion & Culture: Secularisms and Atheisms2:00-4:50MDE 405
Reli 821-056 (s)LeveSeminar in Religion & Culture:5:00-7:50MHM 517
Reli 881 (s) HammerIslamic Thought: American Muslim Thought 5:00-7:50TMU 222
Reli 900 (s)StaffReadings & Research in Religion
Reli 990 (s)StaffPrep for Prelims
Reli 993 (s)StaffMaster’s Thesis
Reli 994 (s)StaffDoctoral Dissertation
CCO: Reli 103StaplesIntro to Hebrew Bible
CCO: Reli 122NieuwsmaPhilosophical Approaches to Religion
CCO: Reli 140TornquistReligion in America
CCO: Reli 208CombsThe Birth of Christianity