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Spring 2016

Course #InstructorTitleTimeDayRoom
RELI 070 FYSEhrmanJesus in Scholarship and Film 9:00-11:50MMU 204
RELI 078 FYSLambertReading the Bible2:00-3:15TR GM 038
RELI 079 FYSCooperHuman Animals in Religion and Ethics2:00-3:15TRSM 107
RELI 104 rEhrmanIntroduction to New Testament 1:25-2:15MW AR 121
RELI 110 x MagnessThe Archaeology of Palestine in the New Testament Period11:00-12:15TR AR 121
RELI 117 rLamCulture of the Ancient Near East 1:25-2:15MW WI 128
RELI 121 rOchoaIntroduction to Religion and Culture 11:15-12:05MW GA 105
RELI 125 rStyersHeaven and Hell 12:20-1:10MW PE 104
RELI 140 rBayneReligion in America 10:10-11:00MW CP 201
RELI 162MarienbergCatholicism Today: An Introduction to the Contemporary Catholic Church2:00-3:15TR CH 104
RELI 181 xKnightLater Islamic Civilization and Modern Muslim Cultures 3:30-4:45TR GC 1005
RELI 211LamClassical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible 9:05-9:55MWFCH 104
RELI 217 HPleseGnosticism12:30-1:45TR GC 3024
RELI 224 HCooperModern Jewish Thought11:00-12:15TR HN 107
RELI 236MixonReligious Things12:30-1:45TR MU 105
RELI 246 ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons, and the Occult in the Americas11:00-12:15TR MU 118
RELI 285 x, r LeveBuddhist Tradition: Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka11:15-12:05MW PE 104
RELI 322ProctorTheories of Religion3:30-4:45MW MU 105
RELI 325SchoreyReligion, Magic and Science9:30-10:45TR DE 303
RELI 340DoughertyLiberal Tradition in American Religions3:30-4:45MW GC 1005
RELI 352ThorntonAnthropology of Christianity12:30-1:45TR MU 118
RELI 438RichardsReligion, Nature and Environment9:30-10:45TR MU 105
RELI 501LambertThe History of the Bible in Modern Study6:00-8:50W CH 104
RELI 581 x ErnstSufism3:30-4:45TR GC 3024
RELI 584 xAdemQur’an as Literature9:30-10:45TR GC 3024
RELI 607PleseProblems in Early Christian Literature and History 3:30-4:45TR GA 210
RELI 697MarienbergCapstone: Undergraduate Seminar: Religion, Food and Law10:00-12:50R CH 104
RELI 720OchoaCritical and Comparative Lineages in Religion and Culture9:30-12:20R DE 205
RELI 729LeveReligion and Modernity6:00-8:50T MU 202
RELI 740BayneApproaches to the Study of American Religions12:30-3:20T MU 222
RELI 890-054MagnessSeminar on Hellenistic & Roman Pottery2:00-4:50T HM 570
RELI 900 (s)StaffReadings & Research in Religion
RELI 990 (s)StaffPrep for Prelims
RELI 993 (s)StaffMaster’s Thesis
RELI 994 (s)StaffDoctoral Dissertation
RELI 207CombsJesus in Myth, Tradition, and History 30-200 CEPart-Time Classroom Studies
CCO: RELI 103CombsIntroduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament LiteratureOnline Course
CCO: RELI 106CoussensIntroduction to Early JudaismOnline Course
CCO: RELI 122KesslerIntroduction to Philosophical Approaches to ReligionOnline Course
CCO: RELI 180LynchIntroduction to Islamic CivilizationOnline Course
CCO: RELI 183MixonAsian ReligionsOnline Course
CCO: RELI 208LoweThe Birth of ChristianityOnline Course

Summer 2015

MaymesterReli 180Introduction to Islamic Civilization Ernst9:00-12:15MTWRFGC 3024
MaymesterReli 246Zombies, Vampires, Demons, and the Occult in the AmericasThornton1:15-4:30MTWRFMU 105
Summer IReli 101Introduction to Religious StudiesProctor1:15-2:45MTWRFMU 220
Summer IReli 240Religion, Literature, and the Arts in AmericaBayne3:00-5:00MTWRMU 302
Summer ICCO:
Reli 283
The Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, and Tibet Leve
Summer IIReli 140Religion in AmericaDougherty1:15-2:45MTWRFSA 104
Summer IIRELI 209Varieties of Early ChristianityPlese3:00-5:00MTWRGC 3024
Summer IICCO:
Reli 201
Ancient Biblical InterpretationLambert
Reli 121
Introduction to Religion and CultureAndrew Aghapour
Reli 122
Introduction to Philosophical Approaches to ReligionSam Kessler
Reli 183
Asian ReligionsCandace Mixon
Reli 208
The Birth of ChristianityShaily Patel

Fall 2015

Course #InstructorTitleTimeDayRoom
Reli 063MagnessThe Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls5:00-6:15MWSA 104
Reli 073 HAmbrosFrom Dragons to Pokemon: Animals in Japanese Myth, Folklore, and Religion3:30-4:45TRSA 104
Reli 103 LambertIntroduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature1:25-2:15MWGS G100
Reli 106 MagnessIntroduction to Early Judaism 1:25-2:15MWAR 121
Reli 123 CooperIntroduction to Jewish Studies 11:15-12:05MWGS G010
Reli 141 HThorntonAfrican American Religions12:30-1:45TRSA 104
Reli 180 ErnstIntroduction to Islamic Civilization 11:15-12:05MWCO 201
Reli 184 AmbrosEast Asian Religions12:20-1:10MWGC 1015
Reli 205 HLamSacrifice in the Ancient World9:30-10:45TRAR 117
Reli 209 PleseVarieties of Early Christianity12:20-1:10MWPH 332
Reli 242 ArielNew Religious Movements in America3:30-4:45TRGL 431
Reli 345 HOchoaBlack Atlantic Religions 11:00-12:15TRMU 314
Reli 362 BoonMary in the Christian Tradition 5:00-6:15MWMU 105
Reli 390-065OchoaTopics in the Study of Religion: Festival 2:00-3:15TRSA 104
Reli 420CooperPost-Holocaust Ethics and Theology3:30-6:20MDE 306
Reli 524LeveEthnographic Approaches to Contemporary Religion2:00-4:50TGC 3033
Reli 527LamReligious Metaphor and Symbol3:30-4:45TRGC 3024
Reli 542ArielReligion and the Counterculture6:00-8:50RSA 104
Reli 582 ErnstIslam and Islamic Art in South Asia2:00-4:50MGC 3024
Reli 602LambertWhat is Scripture? Formations of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Canon6:00-8:50TSA 104
Reli 617PleseDeath and Afterlife in the Ancient World2:00-3:15TRGC 3024
RELI 665 BoonBody & Suffering in Christian Mysticism1:25-4:15MSA 104
Reli 697ThorntonCapstone: Undergraduate Seminar11:00-12:15TRMU 105
Reli 700 StyersTheory & Methods in the Study of Religion2:00-4:50TSC 200
Reli 707EhrmanEarly Christian History and Literature (Gateway)9:00-11:50TSC 200
Reli 809EhrmanTextual Criticism of the Greek Bible2:30-5:20MGL 526A
Reli 900 (s)StaffReadings & Research in Religion
Reli 990 (s)StaffPrep for Prelims
Reli 993 (s)StaffMaster’s Thesis
Reli 994 (s)StaffDoctoral Dissertation

Spring 2015

Course #InstructorTitleGen EdsDayTimeRoom
RELI 064ErnstRe-Introducing IslamPH, BN, GLTR12:30-1:45GC 3024
RELI 077BayneMartyrs and WarriorsPHTR11:00-12:15MU 118
RELI 104EhrmanIntroduction to New Testament LiteratureHS, NA, WBMW1:25-2:15HM 100
RELI 108 MarienbergClassis Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and HassidismWBMW11:15-12:05GC 1005
RELI 110 MagnessNew Testament ArchaeologyHS, BN, WBTR2:00-3:15CO 201
RELI 117LamCulture of the Ancient Near EastBN, WBMWF1:25-2:15SA 104
RELI 121 OchoaIntro of Religion and CultureSSMW12:20-1:10MA 209
RELI 122CooperIntroduction to Philosophical ApproachesPHTR9:30-10:45AL 203
RELI 140 BayneReligion in America HS, US, NAMW10:10-11:00CP 201
RELI 161PatelHistory of the Christian TraditionHS, WBTR9:30-10:45GC 1005
RELI 165HBoonIntroduction to MysticismHS, WBMW5:00-6:15MU 105
RELI 181 HammerLater Islamic Civilization and Modern Muslim CulturesHS, BNMW12:20-1:10PE 104
RELI 212LamClassical Hebrew II: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew BibleBN, LAMWF9:05-9:55SA 104
RELI 217 PleseGnosticismHS, WBTR12:30-1:45FB 009
RELI 225ThorntonChristian CulturesSS, GLTR2:00-3:15SA 104
RELI 236OchoaReligious ThingsVP, NAT5:00-7:50SA 204
RELI 244 HStyersGender and Sexuality in Western ChristianityHSTR11:00-12:15SA 104
RELI 246ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombie, Vampires, Demons and the OccultSSTR11:00-12:15SA 204
RELI 248KnightIntroduction to American IslamUSTR12:30-1:45GC 1005
RELI 266 BoonMedieval and Renaissance Christian CulturesMW1:25-2:15CW 105
RELI 287AmbrosModern Japanese Religions BNTR9:30-10:45SA 104
RELI 289LynchMuhammad and the Qur’anHS, BNTR12:30-1:45MU 105
RELI 421KesslerReligion and CulturePHTR9:30-10:45MU 105
RELI 428OrrReligion and AnthropologySSTR11:00-12:15DE 206
RELI 444 CooperGender and Sexuality in Contemporary JudaismCI, NATR2:00-3:15GM 035
RELI 485HammerMarriage and Sexuality in IslamCI, BNM3:35-6:25PH 385
RELI 512 MagnessAncient SynagoguesVP, BN, WBTR11:00-12:15HM 420
RELI 541 HArielGlobal EvangelicalismGLTR12:30-1:45SA 104
RELI 542ArielReligion and the CountercultureUSW6:00-8:50MU 111
RELI 607PleseProblems in Early Christian Literature and HistoryNA, WBTR2:00-3:15GC 3033
RELI 662MarienbergAdvanced Seminar in Contemporary CatholicismHS, NAM4:40-7:30SA 104
RELI 681ErnstReadings in Islamicate Literatures: Arabic Philosopical and Religious TextsT9:00-11:45GC 3033
RELI 697LambertCapstone: Undergraduate SeminarCIW6:00-8:50SA 104
RELI 712LambertEarly Jewish History & LiteratureT6:00-8:50SA 124
RELI 870 EhrmanLiterary Forgery in the Early Christian TraditionM9:00-11:50MU 115
RELI 885 AmbrosThe Study of Asian Religions and the Construction of the FieldR3:30-6:20SA 104
CCO: RELI 103ProctorIntroduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (JWST 103)Online Course
CCO: RELI 122AghapourIntroduction to Philosophical Approaches to ReligionOnline Course
CCO: RELI 180LynchIntroduction to Islamic Civilization Online Course