Isaiah Ellis

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Isaiah Ellis

Area of Focus: Religion and Culture


B.A., Religious Studies, Trinity University

Research Interests

  • Religion in the Americas
  • Religion, urbanism, and urban history
  • Space, place, and architecture
  • Industry and technology in the United States
  • Critical theories of modernity

Professional Biography

My research explores the religious sentiments that accrue around built environments, infrastructures, and other physical modes of interpersonal and intercultural encounter. My current work explores the architecture and writings of Louis Henri Sullivan, a pioneering commercial architect working in post-Great Fire Chicago with a decidedly metaphysical idiom. My future research will work towards developing an account of the relationship between religious thought and material infrastructures in the United States, particularly in the Reconstruction-era U.S. South. Though my work is historical in nature, I benefit tremendously from contemporary theoretical interventions on space and capital by the likes of Doreen Massey, Elizabeth Grosz, Gilles Deleuze, Kojin Karatani, and AbdouMaliq Simone. Well, those are some of my favorites, anyway.