Micah Hughes

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Micah Aaron Hughes

Area of Focus: Islamic Studies


M.A., Alliance of Civilizations Institute, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University, Istanbul
B.I.S., Middle Eastern Studies, Georgia State University

Research Interests

  • Late Ottoman Empire
  • Turkey
  • Muslim intellectual traditions & global theoretical discourses
  • Sufism
  • Islamic modernism
  • Cold War religion

Professional Biography

With a background in Middle Eastern studies and Arabic language, I began my graduate training in Istanbul, Turkey where I lived for three years studying Ottoman & Turkish history, Islamic thought, and Turkish language. My current research addresses mid-20th century intellectual debates around religious reform, literary & political modernism, and conservatism in Turkey. I investigate these discourses by paying close attention to the problems 20th-century Turkish intellectuals saw themselves facing and the international circulation of theoretical discourses they marshalled to address them.

Publications (Online)

“Making the Qur’an Turkish: Translation and Power in the Ottoman Empire,” review of M. Brett Wilson’s Translating the Qur’an in an Age of Nationalism: Print Culture and Modern Islam in Turkey (OUP, 2014) for Marginalia – LA Review of Books; March 2016.