Nathan Jumper

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Nathan Jumper

Area of Focus: Religion and Culture


M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2016
M.M., Temple University, 2010 (dual master’s degree)
B.S./B.A., Cairn University, 2006 (dual bachelor’s degree)

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of media and technology
  • Film studies (aesthetics, the visual politics of pornography, new extremism)
  • Continental philosophy (materialism and realism, subjectivity and identity)
  • Secularism and religion
  • Cybernetics and psychopolitics

Professional Biography

My developing project concerns how patterns of religious thought and practice are mobilized by contemporary global actors (states, corporations, new religious movements, etc.) to produce the conditions of possibility for anthropotechnic procedures–the means by which humans train themselves to undergo individual and collective self-transformation (Sloterdijk). This connects with my more general interest in how diverse “ecologies of practice” (Stengers) can be negotiated pragmatically in accordance with a theory of design.

I am also interested in the aesthetics and visual politics of kitsch, pornography, and new extremist film. Particularly, I am concerned with how traditions of cinematic provocation affirm or disrupt modes of perception and embodiment as well as the relation of this media to contemporary censorship.


“Oscar Micheaux’s Within Our Gates: Emergent History and a Gospel of Middle-Class Liberation.” The Bible In Motion: A Handbook of Biblical Reception in Film, De Gruyter Press, 2016.


Archibald Alexander Hodge Award in Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2015

Edwin B. Garringues Scholarship, Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University, 2009