Samah Choudhury

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Samah Choudhury

Area of Focus: Islamic Studies


A.M., Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University
B.A., Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Michigan

Research Interests

  • Gender and sexuality
  • Critical race theory
  • Religion and state structures
  • Religious authority and authenticity

Professional Biography

I am a third year PhD student, specializing in Islamic Studies. My proposed research concerns questions of American Muslim identities and community formation and is informed by contemporary debates on class, race, and gender. I hope to employ a mixed-methods approach for my dissertation research by utilizing ethnographic methods alongside textual analysis. I have studied Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, French, and Spanish, and received a FLAS fellowship from the Carolina Asia Center for Urdu during the 2016-2017 school year. In addition to my academic work, I serve as a graduate student representative within the Department of Religious Studies.