Why Study at UNC?

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Why Study at UNC?


A pioneer in the academic study of religion

UNC’s Department of Religious Studies is one of the oldest departments of its kind at an American public university.

A top-ranking undergraduate program

The Department is normally ranked 3rd among the nation’s undergraduate programs in religious studies by the Gourman Report, higher than any other academic unit at UNC.

Recognized authorities in the field

Studying at UNC means the opportunity to study with award-winning scholars who are recognized as authorities in their fields. Our faculty are committed to cutting-edge research and the production of instructional materials in a variety of specialties in the study of religion.

Award-winning teachers

The Department’s faculty members are committed to personal interaction with students. Both our faculty and our graduate students consistently receive teaching awards.

An excellent placement record

At a time when job openings in this field are limited, 90-100% of those graduating from our doctoral program in recent years have secured tenure-track positions at liberal arts colleges and universities. Our program places a distinctive emphasis on preparing our students to be effective teachers as well as scholars.