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This page contains the forms, procedures, and guidelines used by the Department of Religious Studies and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date forms and information.

Planning & Obtaining Funding

Paying Someone for Work
Payments for work or service are subject to many State & Federal laws which are constantly changing.  Before agreeing to pay anyone for work, even if you have paid them in the past,  you must double-check with the department manager to ensure that payment is possible.  The department cannot guarantee payments if you have not discussed the arrangement with the manager prior to agreeing to pay the person.
Requesting Funding (Travel, Events, Development)


Before you leave for your trip, or embark on your development project, use these forms to apply for funding:

  • Departmental Faculty Development Funding is available on a case by case basis

Upon your return, submit the request for reimbursement (further down the page) within 7 days of returning, with all receipts, boarding passes, and other documentation.  They may be submitted electronically ( or in hard copy.

All university-affiliated international travel must be registered in the UNC Global Travel Registry.  University policy also requires that international travelers on university-related trips enroll in the travel insurance program established by General Administration for the UNC System. To enroll in this coverage, please contact Risk Management Services at 919.962.6681 or

Sponsored Events

When inviting a guest speaker, or setting up an event, please read through “Bringing a Guest Speaker to Campus” below, and use this form to request money from the Sponsored Events committee:

Bringing a Guest Speaker to Campus
First, you need to secure funding for your event by filling out the Sponsored Events Funding Request Form and submitting it to the committee chair. Once you’ve been approved for funding by the Sponsored events committee, the following forms need to be completed by the speaker and returned to Amy (

  • Guest speakers will need to fully complete and sign the following forms and return them to Amy ( 3 weeks prior to the event start date.


  • Foreign guest speakers will need to submit the Independent Contractor form above, as well as some additional documentation to receive an honorarium or reimbursements.  There is additional processing time required for foreign speakers, so these documents must be turned in as far in advance as possible(preferably 4-5 weeks).
    • Scan of passport/visa
    • IRS Form W-8BEN
    • Banking Information (for a wire transfer.  Most foreign speakers must be paid via wire transfer.  If other arrangements need to be made, please contact Amy as soon as possible.)
The Independent Contractor Form must be approved by central accounting before the guest can begin his/her lecture or service; otherwise, the University cannot guarantee payment.  These forms must be turned in at least 3 weeks prior to the event start date to allow time for approval and to prevent any delays in payment.

Airfare can be purchased for a speaker prior to their event.  In order to do this, all documentation needs to be turned in at least 4 weeks before the event, due to administrative processing times and seat availability.  Alternatively, the speaker is welcomed to purchase her/his own ticket and be reimbursed after the event.

Additional Links and Forms (updated 6/11/2019)

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