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Course Introduction Videos

See below for videos describing some of our Spring 2018 courses:
RELI 088 (Religion & Society in Historical Novels); RELI 122 (Philosophical Approaches to Religion); RELI 123 (Intro to Jewish Studies); RELI 162 (Catholicism Today); RELI 242 (New Religious Movements); RELI 365 (Christian Theologies & Theologians); RELI 421 (Religion & Science); RELI 482 (Sex, Gender, Religion in S. Asia); RELI 542H (Religion & Counterculture); RELI 668 (Religion & the Spanish Inquisition)

RELI 088 (FYS), Religion and Society in Historical Novels [flyer]
Evyatar Marienberg
(Gen Ed: LA, WB)

RELI 122, Philosophical Approaches to the Study of Religion [flyer]
Randall Styers
(Gen Ed: PH)

RELI 123/JWST100, Introduction to Jewish Studies [flyer]
Andrea Cooper
(Gen Ed: HS, GL)

RELI 162, Catholicism Today: Introduction to Contemporary Catholicism [flyer]
Evyatar Marienberg
(Gen Ed: HS, NA)

RELI 242, Introduction to New Religious Movements [flyer]
Yaakov Ariel
(Gen Ed: SS, NA)

RELI 365, Studies in Christian Theologies and Theologians [flyer]
Bo Eberle
(Gen Ed: PH, NA)

RELI 421, Religion and Science [flyer]
Nathan Schradle
(Gen Ed: PH)

RELI 482, Sex, Gender, and Religion in South Asia [flyer]
Harshita Kamath
(Gen Ed: PH, BN)

RELI 542H, Religion and the Counterculture [flyer]
Yaakov Ariel
(Gen Ed: US)

RELI 668, Religion and the Spanish Inquisition: Abrahamic Traditions, Indigenous Religions, and Empire [flyer]
Jessica Boon
(Gen Ed: GL, WB)