Fall 2023

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Fall 2023 Courses (subject to change).

Click on course number for poster (if available). Please check ConnectCarolina for the most up-to-date course information. For building abbreviations, click here.

Course NumberInstructorCourse TitleDayTimeRoom
IDST 129-001ArielCountering Hate (Triple I Course X)T/R2:00-3:15SC 103
RELI 063 FYSMagnessThe Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea ScrollsM/W5:00-6:15MU 105
RELI 067 FYSLeveNature, Culture, and Self-Identity: Religion in the Construction of Social LifeT/R2:00-3:15CH 104
RELI 070 FYSEhrmanJesus in Scholarship and FilmT/R8:00-9:15CH 204
RELI 072 FYSArielApocalypse NowT/R9:30 - 10:45CH 104
RELI 078 FYSLambertReading the Bible: Now and ThenT/R3:30-4:45CH 104
RELI 103 X rLambertIntroduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (601-612) (JWST 103=24)M/W12:20-1:10 GC 1015
RELI 106 X rMagnessIntroduction to Early Judaism (601-606) (JWST 106=20)M/W1:25-2:15 FH 109
RELI 114 rMendezEarly Christian Worship, Ritual, & Bodies (601-603)M/W11:15-12:05GS G010
RELI 121 rOchoaIntroduction to Religion and Culture (601-609) M/W1:25-2:15CA 111
RELI 123 X CooperIntroduction to Jewish Studies (JWST 100=20) T/R2:00-3:15WI 107
RELI 135 ConsensteinReligion, Ethics and TechnologyT/R2:00-3:15MU 105
RELI 138 r StyersReligious Freedom (601-606)M/W12:25-1:15CP 201
RELI 162 MarienbergCatholicism Today: An Introduction to the Contemporary Catholic ChurchT/R11:00-12:15MU 105
RELI 181 X rZiadModern Muslim Societies (601-606) (ASIA 181=20)M/W9:05-9:55FH 109
RELI 208EhrmanBirth of ChristianityT/R12:30-1:45MU 302
RELI 209PleseVarieties of Early ChristianityT/R2:00-3:15GC 1005
RELI 211 XLamClassical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (JWST 211=5)M/W/F10:10-11:00CH 104
Reli 236OchoaReligious ThingsM3:35-6:35MU 204
RELI 270 X MarienbergReligion in Western Europe (EURO 270=10)T/R12:30-1:45MU 105
RELI 283 XLeveThe Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, and Tibet (ASIA 300=15)T/R11:00-12:15GC 1005
RELI 413PleseBiblical Coptic and Early Egyptian MonasticismT/R11:00-12:15GC 3024
RELI 443 ConsensteinEvangelicalism in AmericaT/R12:30-1:45GM 035
RELI 448BayneNative and Christian: Indigenous Engagements with Christianity T/R11:00-12:15GM 210
RELI 533 XCooperWomen, Gender, ad Judaism (JWST 533=10/WGST 533=10T/R9:30-10:45MU 105
RELI 583 XZiadReligion and Culture in Iran: 1500 to the Present (ASIA 583=10)M/W5:00-6:15CH 104
RELI 697BayneReligious Studies Undergraduate CAPSTONE: T2:00-4:50DE 402
JWST 697LamThemes and Methodologies in Jewish Studies (Topic: Jewish Languages)M6:00-8:50PH 301
RELI 700 sThorntonTheory & Method in the Study of ReligionM2:00-4:50MU 221 /Conf. Rm.
RELI 707MendezEarly Christian History & Literature (Gateway)T9:30-12:20HN 112
RELI 821 s 1StyersSeminar in Religion & Culture: Secularism & AtheismT2:00-4:50SC 200 /Conf. Rm.
RELI 900 (s,1)StaffReadings and Research
RELI 910 (s,1)StaffReligious Studies Professional Development SeminarTBDTBD
RELI 990 (s,1)StaffPreliminary Preparation
RELI 993 (s,1)StaffMaster’s Research and Thesis
RELI 994 (s,1)StaffDoctoral Research and Dissertation