Spring 2023

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Spring 2023 Courses (subject to change).

Click on course number for poster (if available). Please check ConnectCarolina for the most up-to-date course information. For building abbreviations, click here.


Course NumberInstructorCourse TitleDayTimeRoom
RELI 070EhrmanJesus in Scholarship and FilmT/R9:30-10:45MU 302
RELI 071ConsensteinEthics and the Spirit of the New CapitalismT/R9:30-10:45AR 117
RELI 080LamReligion and Writing in the Ancient WorldT/R9:30-10:45MU 105
Reli 101LawsonIntroduction to Religious StudiesM/W3:35-4:50GL 222
RELI 104MendezIntroduction to the New TestamentM/W9:05-9:55GC 1015
RELI 108MarienbergClassic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and HassidismT/R11:00-12:15MU 105
RELI 110MagnessNew Testament Archaeology (JWST 110 & CLAR 110) T/R2:00-3:15MU 116
RELI 125 StyersHeaven & HellM/W11:15-12:05GC 1015
RELI 140BayneReligion in America M/W9:05-9:55MA 209
RELI 180Flodin-AliIntroduction to Islamic Civilization (ASIA 180)T/R12:30-1:45WI 217
RELI 181ZiadModern Muslim Societies (ASIA 181)M/W12:20-1:10WI 107
RELI 184AmbroseEast Asian ReligionsT/R2:00-3:15GC 1005
RELI 185HammerWomen/Gender/IslamT/R11:00-12:15CH 104
RELI 208EhrmanThe Birth of ChristianityT/R11:00-12:15GM 035
RELI 209FreemanVarieties of Early ChristianityM/W3:35-4:50MU 105
RELI 217PleseGnosticismT/R11:00-12:15GM 210
RELI 232CarterShrines and PilgrimagesT/R2:00-3:15MU 105
RELI 236OchoaReligious ThingsT/R11:00-12:15MT 205
RELI 240O'BrienReligion, Literature on the ArtsT/R3:30-4:45GC 1005
RELI 242ArielNew Religious Movements in American HistoryT/R9:30-10:45CH 104
RELI 245BayneLatina/o Religions in the United States-Mexico BorderlandsT/R12:30-1:45CH 104
RELI 247ThorntonUncertain Truths: Conspiracy Theories, Aliens, and Secret Societies in AmericaT/R11:00-12:15GC 1005
RELI 266BoonMedieval and Renaissance Christian Cultures M/W12:20-1:10GC 1005
RELI 279BhandariIslamic Law, Ethics, and Practice (ASIA 279) T/R3:30-4:45GS 1374
RELI 285LeveThe Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka (ASIA 285) T/R9:30-10:45GL 101
RELI 427ThorntonSpirit Possession and MediumshipT/R2:00-3:15CH 104
RELI 443ConsensteinEvangelicalism in Contemporary AmericaT/R3:30-4:45CH 104
RELI 450MarienbergSexuality in Jewish Tradition and History (WGST 450)T/R12:30-1:45MU 105
RELI 503MagnessExploring the Dead Sea Scrolls (JWST 503H) T/R12:30-1:45MU 202
RELI 515MendezCultural Histories of the New TestamentM2:30-5:20CH 104
RELI 530StyersGenealogies of ReligionM/W5:00-6:15MU 105
RELI 580CarterAfrican American IslamT/R12:30-1:45GC 3024
RELI 581ZiadSufism (ASIA 581)M/W5:00-6:15GL 318
RELI 617PleseDeath and Afterlife in the Ancient WorldT/R2:00-3:15GC 3024
RELI 620HammerFeminism and ReligionT/R3:30-4:45MU 105
RELI 668BoonReligion and the Spanish Inquisition: Abrahamic Traditions, Indigenous Religions, and EmpireM2:30-5:20GC 1005
RELI 704LamReadings in Religions of the Ancient Near EastM6:00-8:50DE 405
RELI 720OchoaCritical and Comparative Lineages in Religion and Culture (Gateway)T3:30-6:20DE 405
RELI 745ArielReligion in Postcolonial AmericasW6:00-8:50DE 405
RELI 890-056LeveDecolonizing MethodologiesT12:00-2:50DE 303
RELI 900 StaffReadings & Research in Religion
RELI 990 StaffPrep for Prelims
RELI 993 StaffMaster’s Thesis
RELI 994 StaffDoctoral Dissertation