GPSF Senators

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GPSF Senators

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation (GPSF) is a university federation that meets monthly and represents the interests of graduate and professional students at UNC. The central role of the GPSF senator will be to serve as a liaison to this federation and gather information about activities and opportunities for students in the department. The GPSF Senator will, similarly, help graduate students navigate other professional bodies, including the AAR and SBL.

As a GPSF member, it is the Senator’s role to bring to our departmental community the most relevant information from GPSF monthly meetings, to serve on GPSF committees, and to keep abreast of future deadlines and potential resources, such as research grants, and job training.

As guide to professional associations, the Senator will relay important news about the AAR, SBL, and other associations that may be pertinent to graduate students. The Senator will also organize Reli Round Tables each semester dedicated to the academic conference, including mock paper presentations in the Fall and proposal workshops in the Spring. Finally, in order to help foster community, the Senator will compile the annual “UNC at AAR/SBL” list.

The GPSF Senate page can be found here.

Current Senators

Senior Senator Emily Branton

(Ancient Mediterranean Religions)

Junior Senator John Miller

(Islamic Studies)