NatGeo Article: Does Huqoq Mosaic Depict Alexander the Great?

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NatGeo Article: Does Huqoq Mosaic Depict Alexander the Great?

In a recent article in National Geographic titled “Explore This Mysterious Mosaic – It May Portray Alexander the Great,” Professor Jodi Magness is interviewed regarding one of the most fascinating synagogue mosaics to have come to light from her archaeological excavations at Huqoq in Israel’s Galilee. The mosaic in question, discovered in 2014, is interpreted by Professor Magness as a portrayal of the legendary meeting between Alexander the Great and the Jerusalem high priest.

The article not only explores the different interpretations that have been offered to explain this enigmatic scene, but it also contains an interactive visual tool that leads the reader through each part of the mosaic close-up. To read the NatGeo article, click here.

For a video clip (4:38) of Professor Magness discussing this mosaic and the NatGeo article on Fox News, click here.

Huqoq mosaic, head of military figure

Royal figure in Huqoq mosaic (Photo by Jim Haberman)

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