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Religious Studies Minor

Requirements For The Minor

Students must complete five courses in religious studies. Four of those courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. The courses students select must meet the following parameters:

  • At least two courses must be numbered above 400.
  • Students must take at least one course in each of two of the department’s subfields:
    • Ancient Mediterranean Religions
    • Islamic Studies/Religions of Asia
    • Medieval and Early Modern Studies
    • Religion and Culture
    • Religion in the Americas
  • To request credits for courses taken elsewhere, please use this form. Please print, fill in and sign this form and submit it together with the syllabus to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Carolina Hall 125.

Affiliated Minors

The following minors are offered by the Department of Religious Studies and provide in-depth study in these areas:

Jewish Studies Minor

Minor in the Study of Christianity and Culture

Minor in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies