Affiliated Faculty

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Affiliated Faculty

Name Contact Info Department University

Cemil Aydin

Department of History UNC Chapel Hill

Anna Bigelow

(919) 515-6194

Department of Religious Studies Stanford University

Maria Doerfler

Department of Religious Studies Yale University

Philip Gura

(919) 962-4033

Curriculum in American Studies; Department of English and Comparative Literature UNC Chapel Hill

Christian O. Lundberg

(919) 962-7720

Department of Communication Studies UNC Chapel Hill

Levi McLaughlin

(919) 515-6337

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies North Carolina State University

David Morgan

(919) 660-3555

Department of Religious Studies Duke University

Fred Naiden

(919) 962-3971

Department of History UNC Chapel Hill

James Rives

(919) 962-7191

Department of Classics UNC Chapel Hill

Omid Safi

(919) 668-2603

Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Duke University

Barry Saunders

(919) 843-8272

School of Medicine: Social Medicine UNC Chapel Hill

Margaret Wiener

(919) 962-2399

Department of Anthropology UNC Chapel Hill

Molly Worthen

Department of History UNC Chapel Hill