Spring 2024

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Spring 2023 Courses (subject to change).

Click on course number for poster (if available). Please check ConnectCarolina for the most up-to-date course information. For building abbreviations, click here.

Course NumberInstructorCourse TitleDayTimeRoom
IDST 128-001BayneTriple I: Never in PoliteT/R11:00-12:15SC 103
RELI 065 FYSPleseMyth, Philosophy and Science in the Ancient WorldT/R11:00-12:15GC 3024
RELI 071 FYSConsensteinEthics and the Spirit of the New CapitalismT/R9:30-10:45CH 104
RELI 089 FYSOchoaLux Libertas: On the Understanding and Handling of LightT/R12:30-1:45FB F007
Reli 101LawsonIntroduction to Religious StudiesT/R9:30-10:45AR 218
Reli 103LambertIntroduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament LiteratureT/R9:30-10:45GL 301
RELI 104MendezIntroduction to the New Testament (601-612)M/W9:00-9:50GC 1015
RELI 108MarienbergClassic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and HassidismT/R11:00-12:15MU 105
RELI 110MagnessThe Archaeology of Palestine in the New Testament Period (CLAR 110 & JWST 110)T/R11:00-12:15GC 1005
RELI 132de la CruzReligion and Global JusticT/R9:30-10:45DE 206
RELI 161 HArielIntroduction to the History of Christian Traditions T/R11:00-12:15CH 104
RELI 201ChoiAncient Biblical InterpretationM/W3:35-4:50MU 105
RELI 207FreemanJesus in the Early Christian GospelM/W3:35-4:50GS 1374
RELI 217 HPleseGnosticismT/R2:00-3:15GC 3024
RELI 220KurtzReligion and MedicineM/W3:35-4:50CH 220
RELI 224 X HCooperModern Jewish Thought (JWST 224H=10)T/R2:00-3:15DE 403
RELI 226CooperHuman Animals in Religion and Ethics (601-606)T/R9:30-10:20CP 211
RELI 246ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons, and the Occult in the AmericasM/W11:15-12:05HO 115
RELI 248 HHammerIntroduction to American IslamT/R11:00-12:15GM 213
RELI 279 XMillerIslamic Law, Ethics, and Practice (ASIA 279=5) M/W3:35-4:50KLB 121
RELI 285 XLeveThe Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka (ASIA 285=15)T/R9:30-10:45GL 101
RELI 315 HMendezFrauds Forgeries Fake NewsM12:00-2:50MU 105
RELI 343 XArielReligion, Culture, and Politics in Israel (JWST 343=6)T/R2:00-3:15MU 204
RELI 345McCormickBlack Atlantic ReligionsT/R12:30-1:45DE 203
RELI 427ThorntonSpirit Possession and MediumshipT3:30-6:20CH 104
RELI 450MarienbergSexuality in Jewish Tradition and History (WGST 450=5)T/R12:30-1:45MU 105
RELI 512 XMagnessAncient Synagogues (CLAR 512=5 & JWST 512=5)T/R2:00-3:15MU 105
RELI 582 XBhandariIslam and Islamic Art in South Asia (ASIA 582=5)T/R3:30-4:45MU 105
RELI 587 XHammerIslam and Sexual Diversity (ASIA 587=5)T/R2:00-3:15GM 035
RELI 602LambertWhat is Scripture? Formations of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament CanonT/R3:30-4:45SM 107
RELI 721OchoaTheories of Religion and Culture M3:00-5:50NE 305
RELI 724LeveEthnography of Religion and Religious FormationsT12:00-3:20MU 222
RELI 740ConsensteinApproaches to the Study of Religion in the Americas (Gateway)R2:00-4:50HM 423
RELI 900 StaffReligious Studies Professional Development Seminar
RELI 990 StaffPreliminary Preparation
RELI 993 StaffMaster’s Research and Thesis
RELI 994 StaffDoctoral Research and Dissertation