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Flyers for our Spring 2019 courses (click for PDF):


Spring 2019

RELI 080LamReligion and Writing in the Ancient World9:30-10:45TRMU 105
RELI 104 MendezIntroduction to the New Testament12:20-1:10MWGC 1015
RELI 110MagnessNew Testament Archaeology2:00-3:15TRMA 209
RELI 117LamCulture of the Ancient Near East10:10-11:00MWMU 116
RELI 123CooperIntroduction to Jewish Studies1:25-2:15MWDA 112
RELI 127OchoaThe Claims of Science and Religion10:10-11:00MWFH 109
RELI 140ThorntonReligion in America11:15-12:05MWGC 1015
RELI 151BayneReligion in Latin America11:15-12:05MWCW 105
RELI 161ArielIntroduction to the History of Christian Traditions12:30-1:45TRWI 128
RELI 185HammerWomen/Gender/Islam12:20-1:10MWPH 332
RELI 207MendezJesus in Myth, Tradition and History 30-200 CE12:30-1:45TRCH 104
RELI 217PleseGnosticism9:30-10:45TRHO 115
RELI 222Wilensky-LanfordModern Western Religious Thought3:30-4:45TRGC 1005
RELI 233HughesReligion and Violence3:30-4:45TRMU 105
RELI 241Sierks SmithMessianic Movements in American History12:30-1:45TRAL 207
RELI 284AmbrosThe Buddhist Tradition: East Asia12:30-1:45TRDA 112
RELI 287SmithModern Japanese Religions3:30-4:45TRMU 105
RELI 426 HCooperThe Sacrifice of Abraham3:35-6:25MCH 104
RELI 427ThorntonSpirit Possession3:30-6:20TCH 104
RELI 503 HMagnessExploring the Dead Sea Scrolls11:00-12:15TRMU 302
RELI 584ErnstThe Qur'an as Literature11:00-12:15TRGS 1373
RELI 602LambertWhat is Scripture? Formations of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Canon5:00-7:15TMU 105
RELI 617PleseDeath and the Afterlife in the Ancient World2:00-3:15TRGS 1005
RELI 697BayneCapstone: Undergraduate Seminar2:00-4:50TPH 224
RELI 720OchoaCritical Lineages in Religion and Culture9:30-12:20TGC 3033
RELI 745ArielReligion in Postcolonial Americas6:00-8:50WCH 104
RELI 782HammerIslam and Reform (Gender, Islam, and Reform)5:00-7:50MMU 105
RELI 801LambertAdvanced Hebrew Readings11:15-2:05WCH 104

Fall 2018

RELI 063MagnessDead Sea Scrolls5:00 - 6:15MWCH 104
RELI 073 HAmbrosFrom Dragons and Foxes to Godzilla and Pokemon: Animals in Japanese Myth, Folklore, and Religion2:00 - 3:15TRCH 104
RELI 075OchoaSacrifice and Surrender3:30 - 6:20RPH 381
RELI 089LeveResearching Women & Religion (co-taught w/ SOCI = 12)2:00 - 3:15TRWG 302
RELI 103LambertIntroduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (JWST 103) 12:20 - 1:10MWCA 111
RELI 106MagnessIntroduction to Early Judaism (JWST 106)1:25 - 2:15MWAR 121
RELI 121OchoaIntroduction to Religion and Culture11:15 - 12:05MWMA 209
RELI 142BayneCatholicism in America2:00 - 3:15TRDE 313
RELI 180 ErnstIntroduction to Islamic Civilization (ASIA 180)1:25 - 2:15MWGC 1015
RELI 209PleseVarieties of Early Christianity1:25 - 2:15MWGC 1005
RELI 225MendezChristian Cultures: Eastern and Orthodox Christianities12:30 - 1:45TRGC 105
RELI 226CooperHuman Animals in Religion and Ethics1:25 - 2:15MWCW 105
RELI 240Wilensky-LanfordReligion, Literature & the Arts in America3:30 - 4:45TRDE 206
RELI 246Thornton Supernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons and the Occult in the Americas12:20 - 1:10 MWMA 209
RELI 248 HHammerIntroduction to American Islam12:30 - 1:45 TRMU 105
RELI 266BoonMedieval and Renaissance Christian Cultures12:20 - 1:10 MWPH 265
RELI 283LeveThe Buddhist Tradition: India, Neal, and Tibet (ASIA 300)11:00 - 12:15TRPE 104
RELI 385HammerModern Muslim and the Qur'an3:30 - 4:45TRCH 104
RELI 420 HCooperPost-Holocaust Ethics and Theology (JWST 420H)3:35 - 6:25MDE 410
RELI 526ThorntonDimensions of Evil3:30 - 6:20TGL 319
RELI 542 HArielReligion and the Counter Culture11:00 - 12:15TRMU 314
RELI 603LambertThe Bible and Its Translations3:30 - 6:20TCW 103
RELI 607MendezProblems in Early Christian Literature and History : John and Readers11:00 - 12:15TRCH 104
RELI 609PleseChristianity and Greco-Roman Culture2:00 - 3:15TRGC 1005
RELI 697ArielUndergraduate Capstone3:30 - 6:20TPH 228
RELI 700BoonTheory and Method in the Study of Religion2:30 - 5:20MHM 420
RELI 780ErnstApproaches to Islamic Studies2:00 - 4:50TGC 3033
RELI 818PleseThe Gnostic Scriptures5:00 - 7:50MMU 302
RELI 842BayneReligion and Culture Contact in America9:30 - 12:20TMU 002
RELI 900Readings & Research in Religion
RELI 990Prep for Prelims
RELI 993Master's Thesis
RELI 994Doctoral Dissertation

Summer 2018

MaymesterRELI 235EricksonPlace, Space, and Religion9:00 AM - 12:15 PMMTWRFVN G307
MaymesterRELI 246ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons and the Occult in the Americas1:15 PM - 4:30 PMMTWRFCH 213
Online Summer IRELI 162MarienbergCatholicism TodayN/AN/AOnline
Online Summer IRELI 201LambertAncient Biblical InterpretationN/AN/AOnline
Summer IRELI 102OrrWorld Religions3:00 PM - 5:00 PMMTWRCH 104
Summer IRELI 209PleseVarieties of Early Christianity3:00 PM - 5:00 PMMTWRGC 3024
Summer IIRELI 208BucknerThe Birth of Christianity3:15 PM - 5:50 PMMTWCH 104
Online Summer IIRELI 283/Asia 300LeveThe Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, and TibetN/AN/AOnline

Spring 2018

RELI 070EhrmanJesus in Scholarship and Film9:00-11:50WMY G205
RELI 088MarienbergReligion and Society in Historical Novels2:00-3:15TRAL 207
RELI 110MagnessThe Archaeology of Palestine in the New Testament Period11:00 - 12: 15TRHM 100
RELI 122StyersIntroduction to Philosophical Approaches to Religion10:10-11:00MWHO 115
RELI 123CooperIntroduction Jewish Studies1:25-2:15MWPH 332
RELI 140BayneReligion in America11:15-12:05MWSC 103
RELI 162MarienbergCatholicism Today: An Introduction to the Contemporary Catholic Church11:00-12:15TRDA 112
RELI 164MorierasHeresy and Inquisition: Religion, Ethics, Marginalization12:30-1:45TRDE 307
RELI 165D'SilvaMysticism9:30-10:45TRCH 220
RELI 181HughesModern Muslim Societies11:00-12:15TRMU 115
RELI 184AmbrosEast Asian Religions11:15-12:05MWGC 1005
RELI 208DrakeBirth of Christianity3:30-4:45TRMU 105
RELI 217HPleseGnosticism 11:00-12:15TRGC 3024
RELI 226SmithHumans and Animals in Religion and Ethics12:30-1:45TRSM 107
RELI 235EricksonPlace, Space, and Religion12:30-1:45TRMU 104
RELI 242ArielIntroduction to New Religious Movements9:30-10:45TRCH 104
RELI 246ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons & the Occult in the Americas11:15-12:05MWGA 105
RELI 280HKamathHindu Gods and Goddesses2:00-3:15TRMU 105
RELI 322HThorntonTheories of Religion3:30-6:20TCH 104
RELI 365EberleStudies in Christian Theologies and Theologians12:30-1:45TRMU 105
RELI 368HBoonRace, Sexuality, and Disability in the History of Western Christianity2:00-3:15TRMU 302
RELI 409EhrmanGreek New Testament12:30-1:45TRNE 301
RELI 421SchradleReligion and Science3:30-4:45TRMU 115
RELI 482KamathSex, Gender, and Religion in South Asia11:00-12:15TRMU 302
RELI 524LeveEthnographic Approaches to Contemporary Approaches2:00-4:50TKLB 121
RELI 542HArielReligion and the Counterculture11:00-12:15TRMU 314
RELI 581ErnstSufism9:30-10:45TRPH 220
RELI 668BoonReligion and the Spanish Inquisition: Abrahamic Traditions, Indigenous Religions, and Empire3:30-6:20TDE 412
RELI 697CooperCapstone: The Sacrifice of Abraham 3:35-6:25MCH 104
RELI 707PleseEarly Christian History and Literature / Coptic2:00-3:15TRGC 3024
RELI 740BayneApproaches to the Study of Religion in the Americas (Gateway)11:00-1:50TSC 201
RELI 812MagnessDiaspora Judaism in the Roman World2:00-4:50TNW 103
RELI 885AmbrosThe Study of Asian Religions and the Construction of the Field (Gateway)3:35-6:25MMU 002

Fall 2017

RELI 073HAmbrosFrom Dragons to Pokemon: Animals in Japanese Myth, Folklore, and Religion3:30 - 4:45TRCarolina Hall 104
RELI 104EhrmanIntroduction to New Testament Literature (600 - 611)12:20 - 1:10MWHanes Art Center 121
RELI 108MarienbergClassic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and Hassidism11:00 - 12: 15TRHanes Art Center 218
RELI 125StyersHeaven and Hell (601 - 607, 610 - 616, 618)10:10 - 11:00MWCarroll 111
RELI 161ArielIntroduction to the History of Christian Traditions12:30 - 1:45TRMitchell Hall 005
RELI 180ErnstIntroduction to Islamic Civilization (ASIA 180) (601 - 612)11:15 - 12:05MWGlobal Center 1015
RELI 183KamathAsian Religions (ASIA 183) (601 - 609)1:25 - 2:15MWCoker 201
RELI 209PleseVarieties of Christianity (601 - 606)12:20 - 1:10MWPeabody 104
RELI 211LamClassical Hebrew 1: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible10:10 - 11:00MWFCarolina Hall 104
RELI 225LeveChristian Cultures3:30 - 4:45TRGlobal Center 1005
RELI233BayneReligion and Violencce2:00 - 3:15TRCarolina Hall 104
RELI 284AmbrosThe Buddhist Tradition: East Asia (ASIA 284)11:00 - 12:15TRMurphy Hall 105
RELI 285LeveThe Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka (ASIA 285)2:00 - 3:15TRWoolen Gymnasium 304
RELI 332 HArielThe Protestant Tradition9:30 - 10:45TRDey 202
RELI 352ThorntonAnthropology of Christianity3:30 - 4:45TRMurphy 105
RELI 362 HBoonMary and the Christian Tradition (WMST 362 H)5:00 - 6:15MWCarolina Hall 104
RELI 386KamathDance & Embodied Knowledge in the Indian Context2:00 - 3:15T
Cobb 024
Bingham 203
RELI 448BayneNative and Christian: Indigenous Engagements with Christianity11:00 - 12:15TRCarolina Hall 104
RELI 485HammerGender and Sexuality in Islam12:30 - 1:45TRGraham Memorial 035
RELI 524LeveEthnographic Approaches to Contemporary Religion5:30 - 7:50WCarolina Hall 220
RELI 617PleseDeath and the Afterlife in the Ancient World12:30 - 1:45TRGlobal Center 3024
RELI 697MarienbergCapstone: Undergraduate Seminar: Religion and Law3:30 - 6:20RVenable Hall G311
JWST 697LamCapstone: Themes and Methodologies in Jewish Studies: Jewish Languages6:00 - 8:50TDey Hall 405
RELI 700BoonTheory and Method in the Study of Religion1:25 - 4:15MVenable Hall G307
RELI 707EhrmanEarly Christian History and Literature (Gateway)9:05 - 11:55MMurphy Hall 117
RELI 721ThorntonTopics in Religion and Culture
RELI 881HammerIslamic Thought5:00 - 7:50TMurphy Hall 222
RELI 900StaffReadings & Research in Religion
RELI 990StaffPrep for Prelims
RELI 993StaffMaster's Thesis
RELI 994StaffDoctoral Dissertation
RELI 103CoussensIntro to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament LiteratureOnline
RELI 121OrrIntro to Religion and CultureOnline
RELI 140SchoreyReligion in AmericaOnline
RELI 207BucknerJesus in Myth, Tradition, and HistoryOnline
RELI 208EricksonThe Birth of ChristianityOnline