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Click on each tab on the left for a listing of courses for that particular semester. (For future semesters, course information may still be in flux. Please check ConnectCarolina for the most up-to-date course information.)

Flyers for our Spring 2020 courses:


Spring 2020

RELI 065PleseMyth, Philosophy, and Science in the Ancient World11:00-12:15T/RGC 3024
RELI 078LambertReading the Bible: Now and Then2:00-3:15T/RMU 105
RELI 089HLeveResearching Religion in Women’s Lives2:00-3:15T/RGM 210
RELI 104MendezIntroduction to the New Testament11:15-12:05M/W (+ recit)GC 1015
RELI 108MarienbergClassic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and Hassidism 11:00-12:15T/RGC 1005
RELI 109LamHistory and Culture of Ancient Israel10:10-11:00M/W/FCH 104
RELI 110MagnessNew Testament Archaeology12:30-1:45T/RAR 121
RELI 127Wilensky-LanfordThe Claims of Science & Religion9:30-10:45T/RMU 105
RELI 135JumperTechnology, the Self, and Ethical ProblemsTBDTBDTBD
RELI 138StyersReligious Freedom11:15-12:05M/W (+ recit)PH 265
RELI 140BayneReligion in America12:20-1:10M/W (+ recit)FH 109
RELI 181ZiadModern Muslim Civilization12:30-1:45T/RGC 1009
RELI 185ChoudhuryWomen/Gender/Islam3:30-4:45T/RGC 1005
RELI 212LamClassical Hebrew II: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible12:30-1:45T/RMU 105
RELI 217HPleseGnosticism 3:30-4:45T/RDE 303
RELI 226CooperHuman Animals in Religions and Ethics 1:25-2:15M/W (+ recit)FH 106
RELI 235EllisPlace, Space, and Religion2:00-3:15T/RSC 210
RELI 244HStyersGender & Sexuality in Western Christianity5:00-6:15M/WCH 104
RELI 245SostaitaLatino/a Religions in the U.S. Mexico Borderlands9:30-10:45T/RGA 209
RELI 246ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons, & the Occult in the Americas11:15-12:05M/W (+ recit)DA 112
RELI 248HHammerIntroduction to American Islam12:30-1:45T/RCH 104
RELI 266BoonMedieval and Renaissance Christian Cultures1:25-2:15M/W (+ recit)GS G10
RELI 270MarienbergReligion in Western Europe 12:30-1:45T/RSC 210
RELI 283LeveBuddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, Tibet9:30-10:45T/RPH 265
RELI 288AmbrosChinese Religions2:00-3:15T/RBI 301
RELI 343ArielReligion, Politics and Culture in Israel11:00-12:15T/RCH 104
RELI 362BoonMary in the Christian Tradition5:00-6:15M/WMU 105
RELI 424EscalanteGender Theory and the Study of Religion9:30-10:45T/RDE 404
RELI 426HCooperThe Sacrifice of Abraham 3:35-6:25TMU 302
RELI 430ThorntonDimensions of Evil5:00-7:50MAR 215
RELI 481SheikholharamReligion, Fundamentalism, and Nationalism3:35-4:40M/WDE 404
RELI 501LambertThe History of the Bible in Modern Study5:00-7:50WMY G205
RELI 542ArielReligion and the Counterculture3:30-4:45T/RCH 104
RELI 581ErnstSufism2:00-3:15T/RCH 104
RELI 582ZiadIslam in South Asia3:30-4:45T/RMU 105
RELI 697HammerUndergraduate Capstone: Feminism and Religion5:00-7:50TCH 104
RELI 707MendezEarly Christian History and Literature3:35-6:25MAR 116
RELI 740BayneApproaches to the Study of Religion in the Americas2:00-4:50TCB 024
RELI 890MagnessArchaeology and Nationalism3:35-6:25TSC 201

Fall 2019

RELI 063MagnessFYS: The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls5:00PM-6:15PMMWCH 204
RELI 064HammerFYS: Reintroducing Islam11:00AM-12:15PMTRMU 302
RELI 089OchoaFYS: Lux Libertas: On the Knowledge and Handling of Light1:25PM-2:40PMMWFB 008
RELI 103LambertIntroduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature (JWST 103)1:25PM-2:15PMMW (+ recit)CA 111
RELI 106MagnessIntroduction to Early Judaism (JWST 106)12:20PM-1:10PMMW (+ recit)CK 201
RELI 121OchoaIntroduction to Religion and Culture10:10AM-11:00AMMW (+ recit)MA 209
RELI 123CooperIntroduction to Jewish Studies (JWST 100)1:25PM-2:15PMMW (+ recit)CH 104
RELI 125StyersHeaven and Hell11:15AM-12:05PMMW (+ recit)FH 109
RELI 141ThorntonAfrican American Religions12:30PM-1:45PMTRMU 112
RELI 161ArielIntroduction to Christianity12:30PM-1:45PMTRMY G205
RELI 162MarienbergCatholicism Today: An Introduction to the Contemporary Catholic Church12:30PM-1:45PMTRCW 105
RELI 180ErnstIntroduction to Islamic Civilization (ASIA 180)12:20PM-1:10PMMW (+ recit)GC 1015
RELI 211LamClassical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (JWST 211)10:10AM-11:00AMMWFCH 104
RELI 240 EllisReligion, Literature, and the Arts in America3:35PM-4:50PMMWMU 105
RELI 242ArielIntroduction to New Religious Movements9:30AM-10:45AMTRWI 207
RELI 286AmbrosPremodern Japanese Religions (ASIA 301)2:00PM-3:15PMTRMU 105
RELI 340Wilensky-LanfordLiberal Tradition in American Religion3:30PM-4:45PMTRMH G201
RELI 345EscalanteBlack Atlantic Religions3:30PM-4:45PMMWKL B125
RELI 368BoonRace, Sexuality, and Disability in the History of Western Christianity12:30PM-1:45PMTRCH 104
RELI 420HCooperPost-Holocaust Ethics and Theology (JWST 420H)3:35PM-6:25PMMCH 104
RELI 441BayneReligion in Early America2:00PM-3:15PMTRMU 112
RELI 448BayneNative and Christian: Indigenous Engagements with Christianity11:00AM-12:15PMTRMU 105
RELI 480 ChoudhuryModern Muslim Literatures5:00PM-6:15PMTRMU 115
RELI 485HammerGender and Sexuality in Islam2:00PM-3:15PMTRDE 208
RELI 502LamMyths and Epics of the Ancient Near East12:30PM-1:45PMTRMU 105
RELI 530StyersGenealogies of Religion5:00PM-6:15PMMWMU 105
RELI 583ZiadReligion and Culture in Iran, 1500-Present11:00AM-12:15PMTRSM 107
RELI 614MendezThe Cult of Saints: Narratives, Materialities, Practices5:00PM-7:50PMTCH 104
RELI 681ErnstReadings in Islamicate Literature (ASIA 681/ARAB 681)2:30PM-5:20PMMMT 009
RELI 697MarienbergUndergraduate Capstone: Religion and Law3:30PM-6:20PMTGC 1005
RELI 700ThorntonTheory and Method in the Study of Religion3:35PM-6:25PMRCH 104
RELI 712LambertEarly Jewish History and Literature2:00PM-4:50PMTMU 222
RELI 821BoonSeminar in Religion and Culture: Body, Materiality, History5:00PM-7:50PMWGL 104
RELI 910HammerReligious Studies Professional Development Seminar6:00PM-8:50PMTu(TBA)