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Below is a list of our Spring 2024 Courses.

For all current and previous course listings, click on each tab on the left for that particular semester. (For future semesters, course information may still be in flux. Please check ConnectCarolina for the most up-to-date course information.)

Spring 2024

Course NumberInstructorCourse TitleDayTimeRoom
IDST 128-001BayneTriple I: Never in PoliteT/R11:00-12:15SC 103
RELI 065 FYSPleseMyth, Philosophy and Science in the Ancient WorldT/R11:00-12:15GC 3024
RELI 071 FYSConsensteinEthics and the Spirit of the New CapitalismT/R9:30-10:45CH 104
RELI 089 FYSOchoaLux Libertas: On the Understanding and Handling of LightT/R12:30-1:45FB F007
Reli 101LawsonIntroduction to Religious StudiesT/R9:30-10:45AR 218
Reli 103LambertIntroduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament LiteratureT/R9:30-10:45GL 301
RELI 104MendezIntroduction to the New Testament (601-612)M/W9:00-9:50GC 1015
RELI 108MarienbergClassic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and HassidismT/R11:00-12:15MU 105
RELI 110MagnessThe Archaeology of Palestine in the New Testament Period (CLAR 110 & JWST 110)T/R11:00-12:15GC 1005
RELI 132de la CruzReligion and Global JusticT/R9:30-10:45DE 206
RELI 161 HArielIntroduction to the History of Christian Traditions T/R11:00-12:15CH 104
RELI 201ChoiAncient Biblical InterpretationM/W3:35-4:50MU 105
RELI 207FreemanJesus in the Early Christian GospelM/W3:35-4:50GS 1374
RELI 217 HPleseGnosticismT/R2:00-3:15GC 3024
RELI 220KurtzReligion and MedicineM/W3:35-4:50CH 220
RELI 224 X HCooperModern Jewish Thought (JWST 224H=10)T/R2:00-3:15DE 403
RELI 226CooperHuman Animals in Religion and Ethics (601-606)T/R9:30-10:20CP 211
RELI 246ThorntonSupernatural Encounters: Zombies, Vampires, Demons, and the Occult in the AmericasM/W11:15-12:05HO 115
RELI 248 HHammerIntroduction to American IslamT/R11:00-12:15GM 213
RELI 279 XMillerIslamic Law, Ethics, and Practice (ASIA 279=5) M/W3:35-4:50KLB 121
RELI 285 XLeveThe Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka (ASIA 285=15)T/R9:30-10:45GL 101
RELI 315 HMendezFrauds Forgeries Fake NewsM12:00-2:50MU 105
RELI 343 XArielReligion, Culture, and Politics in Israel (JWST 343=6)T/R2:00-3:15MU 204
RELI 345McCormickBlack Atlantic ReligionsT/R12:30-1:45DE 203
RELI 427ThorntonSpirit Possession and MediumshipT3:30-6:20CH 104
RELI 450MarienbergSexuality in Jewish Tradition and History (WGST 450=5)T/R12:30-1:45MU 105
RELI 512 XMagnessAncient Synagogues (CLAR 512=5 & JWST 512=5)T/R2:00-3:15MU 105
RELI 582 XBhandariIslam and Islamic Art in South Asia (ASIA 582=5)T/R3:30-4:45MU 105
RELI 587 XHammerIslam and Sexual Diversity (ASIA 587=5)T/R2:00-3:15GM 035
RELI 602LambertWhat is Scripture? Formations of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament CanonT/R3:30-4:45SM 107
RELI 721OchoaTheories of Religion and Culture M3:00-5:50NE 305
RELI 724LeveEthnography of Religion and Religious FormationsT12:00-3:20MU 222
RELI 740ConsensteinApproaches to the Study of Religion in the Americas (Gateway)R2:00-4:50HM 423
RELI 900 StaffReligious Studies Professional Development Seminar
RELI 990 StaffPreliminary Preparation
RELI 993 StaffMaster’s Research and Thesis
RELI 994 StaffDoctoral Research and Dissertation