Core Faculty

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Core Faculty

Name/Title Contact Info Areas of Focus
Research Interests

Barbara Rossetti Ambros
Professor, Department Chair

125C Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3931

  • Religions of Asia
  • (Medieval and Early Modern Studies)
Religions in Japan; pilgrimage & sacred space; gender & religion; human-animal relationships; religion & the environment

Yaakov Ariel
Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

159 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3930

  • Religion in the Americas
  • (Jewish Studies, Christianity and Culture)
Christian-Jewish relations; missions & conversions; Judaism & Christianity in the modern world; Christian & Jewish new religious movements; Christianity & the Holy Land; Pietism & Evangelicalism

Brandon Bayne
Assistant Professor

130 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3938

  • Religion in the Americas
  • (Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Christianity and Culture)
Colonial missions; early modern Catholicism; Native American Christianities; Latina/o & borderlands religion; martyrdom & relics

Jessica A. Boon
Associate Professor, Director of the Minor in Christianity and Culture

113 Carolina Hall
(919) 843-3094

DUS Office Hours (Fall 2017): We 1:30-3:00PM

  • Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  • (Religion and Culture, Christianity and Culture)
Mysticism; Marian and Passion-centered devotions; body, suffering & religion; gender & sexuality; Jewish Studies

Andrea Dara Cooper
Assistant Professor, Leonard and Tobee Kaplan Fellow in Modern Jewish Thought and Culture

127 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-4890

  • Religion and Culture
  • (Jewish Studies)
Modern Jewish thought; gender studies; cultural theory; continental philosophy; medieval Jewish philosophy & mysticism

Bart D. Ehrman
James A. Gray Distinguished Professor

117 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3940

  • Ancient Mediterranean Religions
  • (Christianity and Culture)
New Testament interpretation; Apostolic Fathers; early Christian apocrypha; orthodoxy & heresy in early Christianity

Carl W. Ernst
Kenan Distinguished Professor

107 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3924

  • Islamic Studies
  • (Religions of Asia, Medieval and Early Modern Studies)
General & critical issues in Islamic Studies; premodern & contemporary Sufism; Muslim interpretations of Indian religions

Juliane Hammer
Associate Professor, Kenan Rifai Scholar of Islamic Studies

126 Carolina Hall
(919) 843-7282

  • Islamic Studies
  • (Religion in the Americas)
Gender discourses in American Muslim communities; Sufism & food; contemporary Muslim approaches to the Qur’an

Joseph Lam
Assistant Professor

122 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3927

  • Ancient Mediterranean Religions
  • (Jewish Studies)
Hebrew Bible in its ancient Near Eastern context; Hebrew and Semitic languages; ritual and cult in the ancient Near East; metaphor in religious language

David Lambert
Associate Professor

120 Carolina Hall
(919) 843-9117

  • Ancient Mediterranean Religions
  • (Jewish Studies)
Hebrew Bible; ancient Israelite religious practices & society; late Second Temple Judaism; history of biblical interpretation
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Lauren G. Leve
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

129 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3925

  • Religions of Asia
  • (Religion and Culture)
Ethnographic methods; Buddhism in South & SE Asia; gender & feminist theory; globalism, nationalism & postcoloniality; religions of South Asia & Nepal

Jodi Magness
Kenan Distinguished Professor

121 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3928

  • Ancient Mediterranean Religions
  • (Islamic Studies)
Early Judaism; archaeology of Palestine

Evyatar Marienberg
Associate Professor, E.J. and Sarah Evans Scholar of Jewish History and Culture

112 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3939

  • Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  • (Jewish Studies, Ancient Mediterranean Religions, Christianity and Culture)
Rabbinic Judaism & Jewish law; rituals; contemporary Catholicism; regulation of sexuality; social history in the Middle Ages ; Religion in North East England

Hugo Méndez
Assistant Professor

125G Carolina Hall
(919) 962-5666

  • Ancient Mediterranean Religions
New Testament; Reception and Cultural History of New Testament texts; Early and Late Antique Christianity; Greek

Todd Ramón Ochoa
Associate Professor

118 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3934

  • Religion in the Americas
  • (Religion and Culture, Christianity and Culture)
African-inspired religions in Latin America and the Caribbean; Cuban-Kongo societies of affliction; materiality; critical ethnographic practice

Zlatko Plese

116 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3936

  • Ancient Mediterranean Religions
  • (Christianity and Culture, Jewish Studies)
Gnosticism and Manichaeism; Helenistic religions, philosophy & rhetoric; Plutarch & Platonism; Coptic language and literature

Randall G. Styers
Associate Professor

128 Carolina Hall
(919) 962-3938

  • Religion and Culture
  • (Religion in the Americas, Christianity and Culture)
Modern Western religious thought; contemporary critical thought; religion and magic; religion and law; gender theory

Brendan Jamal Thornton
Assistant Professor

125F Carolina Hall
(919) 962-5666

  • Religion in the Americas
  • (Religion and Culture, Christianity and Culture)
Caribbean and Latin America; Anthropology of Christianity; Afro-Creole Religions; Gender and Masculinity


Emeritus Faculty

 David J. Halperin
 Peter I. Kaufman
 Laurie Maffly-Kipp
 William J. Peck
 Jack Sasson
 Ruel W. Tyson, Jr.
 John Van Seters