Nathan Schradle

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Nathan Schradle

Area of Focus: Religion and Culture


M.A., New York University, Religious Studies, 2013
B.A., Occidental College, Religious Studies, 2008

Research Interests

  • Religion and Science
  • Religion and Technology/New Media
  • Critical Theory and Religion

Professional Biography

Beginning with my undergraduate work, I have always been fascinated by critical theories of religion, both in terms of the malleability of the concept of “religion” and the various political/cultural/social stakes that go along with decisions to label various practices as religious. I am especially intrigued by the historical and contemporary boundaries between religious and scientific epistemologies and categories of experience. My graduate work focuses primarily on the shifts taking place both in religious practice and in scholarly and popular conceptions of religion as digital networked information technologies remake common modes of social practice, attending especially to the lingering religiosity associated with the passions and hopes attached to innovative technologies.