Tine Rassalle

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Tine Rassalle

Ph.D. Candidate, Ancient Mediterranean Religions


B.A., Leiden University, the Netherlands (Bachelor of Hebrew and Aramaic Languages and Cultures)
M.A., Gent University, Belgium (Master of Archaeology of the Ancient Near East)
B.A., Gent University, Belgium (Bachelor of Archaeology)

Research Interests

  • Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
  • Ancient Israelite Religion
  • Early Christianity and Judaism and its Material Culture
  • Museum Studies and Heritage Management

Professional Biography

Tine Rassalle studied in Belgium and the Netherlands where she specialized in the archaeology of the Ancient Near East, with a specific focus on Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Tine has participated in over 20 excavations in Belgium, Portugal, Corsica, Israel, Jordan and Turkey. She is the field supervisor and staff member of the Byzantine site Horvat Kur in the Galilee (http://kinneret-excavations.org) and has excavated at Huqoq, an excavation directed by Prof. Jodi Magness. She also has an interest in museum studies. She worked for several years at the National Museum of Antiquities in the Netherlands and interned at the Oriental Institute in Chicago.

Tine’s personal website, including a full CV, can be found at https://tinerassalle.web.unc.edu/