Recent Discoveries at the 2019 Huqoq Excavations

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Recent Discoveries at the 2019 Huqoq Excavations

The 2019 season of the archeological excavations at Huqoq in Israel’s Galilee, led by Professor Jodi Magness, recently ended at the end of June. This season’s work uncovered new parts of the mosaic floor from the ancient Huqoq synagogue at the site. Among the new mosaics are the depictions of the four beasts described in the book of Daniel and the first depiction of the episode of Elim, the place where the Israelites camped after leaving Egypt and wandering through the wilderness without water.

For more details on the recent findings and the work Magness has done in the past, read here, here and here.

For reports from previous seasons of excavations at Huqoq, see here (7/6/2016), here (7/9/2017) and here (7/17/2018). You can also visit the excavation’s webpage at

A detail from the Elim mosaic. (Jim Haberman, Courtesy: UNC-Chapel Hill)

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