RELIxperience Undergrad Video Contest

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RELIxperience Undergrad Video Contest

Video Contest

We are excited to announce our first ever RELIxperience Undergraduate Video Contest! Submit a video up to five minutes long focused on religion at UNC: this could be how you found your way into Religious Studies, interviews with your favorite professors or TAs, or your favorite UNC traditions. The more creative, the better!

The top three submissions will each receive a $100 prize and be featured on the Department of Religious Studies website!

The contest is open to any undergraduate who has taken a RELI course. (Group submissions should include at least one member who has taken a RELI course.)

The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2017. Contact Professor Joseph Lam ( on how to submit your video file, or if you have any other questions.

Stay tuned for updates!

UPDATE (2/1/2017):
Here is an official waiver form that needs to be filled out (by everyone who appears in the video) and submitted before prize money can be given out. (You can submit the forms along with the video if you wish.)

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